Laboratory for nondestructive testing


Nondestructive testing (NDT) is an important branch in the diagnostics of equipment and structures. It serves the assessment of the state of the elements that are in use and unavailable to examine by classical methods. NDT can detect flaws or cracks in the interior of the machine or construction during its operation. The biggest advantage of NDT is the ability to assess the state of the element without affecting its integrity. In addition, modern portable equipment allows testing in situ without dismantling of the construction or in cases where the dismantling would not be possible.

The examples of our nondestructive testings can be found on site Cooperation.

The Department owns unique, modern equipment for NDT:

  • digital ultrasonic defectoscope, type Krautkramer USM 25S, featuring scales DAC and AVG, with a set of heads,
  • ultrasonic thickness gauge Krautkramer DM4,
  • magnetic defectoscopes, type PARKER DA400S and PARKER B300S,
  • current defectoscope LOCATOR 2.